AeroMetro is an ultra-energy-efficient elevated transportation system for people and cargo




AeroMetro is an ultra-energy-efficient elevated transportation system for people and cargo that uses a frictionless air bearings gliding over steel pipes as rails, coupled with a Linear Induction Motor that uses the same pipe as the motor’s stator rendering a clean low cost, low noise and low-energy consumption, with zero emissions.

It can reach the most remote places without disturbing the environment, which makes it a very fast and cost effective solution, allowing the development of productive areas relegated by the lack of access roads and geographical difficulties.

The system has two versions, a fast speed long range intercity one, capable of reaching over 250 Km/hr. and a low speed, 80 Km/hr. METRO version. It’s economical simple and fast to set up on any type of terrain without altering existing infrastructure or landscapes. Being an elevated system there is no need to incur in long and costly terrain acquisitions for its implementation, so it is a perfect solution to interconnect remote and difficult to reach areas due to topography or water or mountain obstacles.



The world is looking for new clean energy solutions to build and replace current highly contaminant low efficient high cost transportation systems, to move people and cargo within cities as well as connecting them with production centers and


• Ultra Energy efficient.
• Low construction costs
• 1/5th of other systems construction times
• Virtually maintenance free. No friction therefore no wear of components, nor mechanical engagement mechanisms involved.
• Very light weight support system (1/8 th than the existing elevated transportation systems), therefore simple and less expensive
• Comfort and low noise. Environmentally friendly.

• Easy to implement. Each supporting span space should be 36 m or more, therefore less columns needed .
• The carriage route is elevated at least 10 meters off the ground without interrupting or modify terrain or existing landscape.
• The rails paired with solar panels are able to carry liquids, data and energy along its path.
• Security, central computer operation with redundancy and emergency controls.
• It has movable weights compensating mechanism for telluric episodes.

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AeroMetro offers people and cargo transportation in urban and rural areas, specially where there are great mobility problems. Cities around the world that have solved their public transport problems have achieved mainly taking into account the following two public policies: a significant expansion of the Metro network and urban trains, and a strong regulation in the use of the automobile. The evidence all around the world has shown that the expan sion of networks of Metro generates a much more effective reduction in the use of private transport than other controls for car use.